Gender Equality and Feminism 

  • Identity Self-Awareness  90 min

  • Introduction to Gender Equality and Feminism 180 min

  • Gender Equality Campaign/ Projects, Action Plan 180 min

The workshops are available in English and Hungarian. 

Nowadays, more and more of us consider ourselves feminists, or at least advocates of gender equality, but due to a lack of theoretical knowledge, we find it difficult to navigate the labyrinth of gender topics and the principles of DEIB. The workshop aims for participants to gain deeper self-reflection by exploring their identity and engaging in self-knowledge exercises while acquiring basic knowledge about feminism's history and goals and its impact on diversity and inclusion in theory and practice. During the workshop, we also set aside time to practically apply the knowledge gained by creating creative campaign ideas. Participants leave the workshop strengthened in their identity and enriched with background knowledge about gender equality, ready to promote changes in their professional and personal lives.