Sheja Consulting and Training is guided by the passionate leadership of two Romani women who believe in the transformative power of self-reflection and self-awareness that holds the potential to not only transform individuals but also organizations and, ultimately, our society.

Nikolett Suha J.D.

Author | Speaker | Trainer 

I'm a human rights professional focusing on discrimination, harassment, and bullying in workplaces. Since 2015, I have been based in Berlin, where I have worked for various multinational companies in a wide range of managerial roles. I am passionate about speaking, teaching, and writing about all forms of oppression, abuses, and conflicts. I am co-founder of the informal group Ame Panzh ('The Five of Us'), an exclusively Roma intellectual youth group, which launched a unique online talk show series in 2020. We published our first book on Roma representation in 2023.

Invite me to give a talk about:

  • Violence and Microaggressions at Work

  • Affirmative Action or Positive Discrimination

  • Speak up Culture: Why it Matters and How to Build it

Judit Ignacz

Human Rights Advocate | Trainer | Author | Speaker | Advisor

I am a consultant, strategist, and trainer advocating human rights, anti-racism, and intersectional feminism. My professional expertise involves managing teams and non-formal education programs, designing and leading interactive workshops, conducting public policy analysis, research, human rights monitoring, and advocacy at national and international levels. I regularly give talks, write, and educate about allyship, resilience against racism, oppression, intersectionality, feminism, and social issues affecting the Roma and WOC communities. I co-founded Ame Panzh ("Five of Us"), a Roma group of knowledge producers that launched a unique series of online discussions and published its book in 2023.

Invite me to give a talk about: 

  • Allyship in Action: Proactive Steps Towards Partnership

  • Active Bystanders: Creating Safety and Support

  • Leadership and Identities: Fostering Inclusion 

  • Understanding Intersectionality: Gender Equality Strategies 

  • Psychological Safety: Building Trust and Belonging